How to Build an Empire With Web Hosting

“Building an empire” with Web hosting might seem almost outlandish and impossible, but many people have made blogging and e-commerce empires with ease. In fact, it takes very little work once you lay the foundation and make enough money to hire freelancers. This is an easy way to start building your own foundation to make [...]

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Importance of choosing the right domain name for your business

If you are having a business and want an online identity for it then a domain name is most important, it’s your unique identity that customers and visitors will know you by, its your address where people can use to reach your website. Getting a domain name for your business is like getting a business [...]

Does your Website Content Engage your Visitors?

If you are an online business with a website then populating your pages with high quality content writing is essential in order to capture leads and increase user engagement. Without high quality content writing you may be losing out on a lot of customers. According to a recent infographic on content marketing 60% of people [...]

Investing in Social media marketing: Are you ready?

What if you were offered an Investment Scheme which Guaranteed profits ? Here is the scheme- You have to invest three things- Time, Money and Effort. The scheme guarantees you only positive returns if it is properly invested in. The returns may vary but can touch the sky. The returns are sustainable, they will be there with you

Social Media Marketing: Hashtags Why and How to use them

 What is a #Hashtag? A hashtag is used to mark keywords, composing of a single word or phrase beginning with the pound sign # and without any punctuation or spaces. Hashtags can be found over various social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Google +,  etc. Hashtags basically originated from twitter, as they were used as

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